Tiny Goldendoodles


Welcome to Shenandoah Farm! We are a family operated equestrian barn, hobby farmers, and great lovers of our four legged fur babies. I have studied the adorable Goldendoodle mix with fascination for years. We have two beautiful sisters, Rosie and Ruby, and my barn manager had a beautiful red poodle, Rhett, whom we had purchased as a gift for her daughter. Due to life changes, we welcomed him back into our canine fold. Our dogs, four in total, are family pets, characterized as Tiny Doodles, (F1B, F1BB), a Miniature Poodle, and our trusted German Shepard, Sarge.



The Goldendoodle combines the tremendous intelligence, athleticism and agility of the poodle, along with the highly valued trait of being virtually non-shedding and hypoallergenic. From the Golden Retriever they draw a beautiful temperament, loyal and loving. Combined, and most importantly, they make for such loving pets who quite truthfully are more like family members. Our “doodles” were raised and cared for in our home, which I believe has added to their loving and calm natures. They are very well socialized and well loved.


I grew to love this breed, not just for it’s beautiful teddy bear looks, and in our dog’s case, specific coloring, but also for it’s manageable size. The ability to have and to hold and stroke these little fur babies is a therapy in and of itself.  That and their mix of traits made the “doodle” our ideal family pet. Of particular note; the color of their coats I searched far and wide for, as it was uniquely different and just so beautiful, much like the Irish Setter. As an educator myself, the fact that these warm and cuddly dogs had often been used for therapy was a great point of interest to me. They stole my heart and had me sold from the moment I laid eyes on them! Their popularity has grown tremendously over the years, as witnessed in their celebrity status.


New Arrivals:


On March 20th, our Ruby welcomed four adorable puppies, which has been a truly wondrous experience for our family. She is an amazing mother, with a terrific temperament and sense of caring for her puppies. Both mom and babies are doing well and thriving in a very calm setting, having regular veterinarian visits. In due time they will need a new home to love and care for them. Perhaps you will be the lucky person to take one of these little teddy bears home with you, to call your very own. I assure you it will be the beginning of a love affair of a lifetime.


Ruby is an amazing mother, and an amazing family member. From her earliest days, she had a loyal and warm temperament. She is very well adjusted and socialized pet who gets on famously with other dogs. She is a Tiny Goldendoodle, F1, weighing 15 pounds.





Rhett is the proud Papa. He is a Toy Poodle and an incredibly agile dog with tremendous intelligence and the most wonderful disposition, full of fun. He is both warm and playful. He weighs 12 pounds. He has a terrific temperament, is well socialized and gets along very well with other visitors to our farm. It is his rich red coat that distinguishes him in look, a true stand out in a crowd.


Puppies Available:


Male #1:






This little guy has tremendous markings and a beautifyl red coat. The picture says it all! He has white markings on all four paws, and on his forehead and little muzzle. Even his tail has a little dab of white on it's tip. These markings are hard to come by. He will grow to be between 12 and 16 pounds.


He is priced at $3,400.00



Female #1:   




Male #1:  SOLD



This little guy has a truly gorgeous red coat with a tiny whiff of white on his forehead, to distinguish him further, along with a little white chin, like a little goatee. He has the rounder teddy bear head feature and his eyes appear that they will be big round saucers like his mother.  He will have a wavy, soft coat. He will grow to be 10 to 15 pounds.


He is priced at $3,000.00


Male #2:  SOLD



This little guy is again a beautiful, deep, rich, colored red, much like his Dad. He has the deepest color of Ruby’s litter and is fairly solid throughout. He has a similar white chin/goatee, very distinguished looking!  He will have soft, wavy to curly hair. He is the darkest of Ruby’s litter. He will grow to be between 10 to 16 pounds at full size. It was the red coat that drew me to this breed of dogs, likened to the Irish Setter in coloring, but as cute as a button and a lap dog and real snuggler. He will be happy to rest at your feet. Similar to the musician Usher’s dog, which he purchased at auction for $12,000.00.


He is priced at $3,000.00.


Male #3:  SOLD



This little guy has the coloring very much like his mother, a deep red, with white markings on his forehead, his chest, his paws, and the tip of his tail. He will have wavy to curly hair and will grow to be between 10 to 15 pounds. These beautiful, specific markings on this little guy are unique, and generally create a premium. We haven’t put a premium on this sweet boy, we are just looking for a happy, loving home!


He is priced at $3,000.00


Female #4: SOLD



This little gal is truly one of a kind! Within the kennel puppy world, these markings have been known to go for as high as $15,000.00. Her coat speaks to her lineage, specifically her maternal grandmother, a Golden English Retriever. The strong white markings come to her through her maternal grandfather, a Miniature Poodle, and thereby her mother, Ruby. Her two ears are deeper in color towards the end, and she has four white tipped paws, a white tipped tail, and a white chest. She was the first to be born and the largest of the puppies. She truly is a beauty, her markings very hard to come by. She will grow to be 10 to 14 pounds, and she will be a very real teddy bear!


She is priced at $3,500.00  (Premium for markings).




Please feel free to browse through our photo gallery of mother, father and puppies and reserve you puppy on a first come basis. They are truly beautiful puppies that we will have such a hard time parting with. They are each exceptionally beautiful in their colors and markings, very distinguished if I do say so myself, and I do!


Upon review and approval of your application, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be taken to reserve your puppy. This deposit will be put towards the price of your puppy. Choice of puppy is given in the order that we receive the application deposit.


You can make out a cheque to Shenandoah Equestrian Ltd. and mail to 9-1525 Cornwall Road, Oakville, ON, L6J 0B2 or credit card information can be taken via telephone.


Puppy Guarantee:


Our puppies were born June 10th, and will be ready to go home August 10th, 2018.  They will come with their first rounds of shots, as well as being micro chipped. We guarantee a healthy puppy free of genetic defects from delivery date up until 24 months after. We will reimburse the purchase price upon receipt of veterinary acknowledgement of the genetic condition.  Our guarantee does not include accidents, negligence, behavioral problems, poisoning or any other non-genetic conditions.


Please follow the below link and fill out the paperwork and submit one copy upon pick up of puppy, and retain one copy for your records.


Philanthropy Close to Our Hearts:


As we have become hobby farmers simply for the love of it, we have begun to explore causes close to our hearts. We have been exploring nature first and foremost, but with that, philanthropy and learning. Through creating a large vegetable garden, and partnering with Food for Life, and Halton Poverty, we wish to reach out to our broader community. By planting Orchards and Pumpkin Patches we are supporting our REACH Foundation, (Rotherglen Educating for Advocacy and Creating Hope). Our lavender gardens complete our theme of wellness.  We are engaging in our community by supporting a number of community minded endeavors, such as The Children’s Lighthouse, Erin Oaks, The Oakville Hospital and countless others.





We are located in North Burlington, nestled in the Niagara Escarpment , closest intersection Guelph Line and Britannia Rd. Our 47-acre property, Shenandoah Equestrian Farm , backs on to the scenic Bruce Trails. We are a twenty minute drive from Oakville, ten minutes from Milton, and two minutes from Lowville Park, a historic landmark. Our location is an easily accessible, and a picturesque Sunday drive in the country, with lots to see and do, and local farms and conservation parks to visit.






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